Navigating the twists and turns of life’s journey is easier when you know you’re covered, no matter what lies ahead. 

At Ping Insure, we specialise in providing low cost and high value Insurance products, including GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance online, ensuring that you’re protected from the financial pitfalls that can accompany unexpected events. Our tailored solutions are designed to offer not just insurance, but a promise of security and peace of mind.

What is Gap Insurance?

Gap insurance is an insurance product that covers the ‘gap’ between the actual cash value of your vehicle as settled by your motor insurer, and either the amount you owe on your vehicle, the replacement cost for a like for like vehicle, or the gap between your motor insurers settlement and the invoice price of your vehicle (Depending on the cover level purchased) if your car is written off or stolen. 

This is crucial because, in the event of a total loss, your standard car insurance policy may not cover the full amount you paid for the car or what you still owe on your finance agreement.

Why Choose Ping Insure for Your GAP Insurance?

  • Hassle-Free Online Quotes

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. That’s why Ping Insure offers instant online quotes, making it simpler than ever to secure the coverage you need without stepping out of your home. Our streamlined process is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing customers to obtain personalised quotes swiftly, reflecting our commitment to efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • A Commitment to Quality Insurers

At the heart of our service is a pledge to quality and reliability. Ping Insure partners exclusively with insurers who understand the products we supply, ensuring that our clients receive the highest standard of coverage available. This distinction signifies financial stability and a proven track record of fulfilling claims, offering you added reassurance in our service.

  • Enhanced Protection with £500 Towards Your Motor Excess

Understanding the financial strain that an insurance claim can impose, Ping Insure goes a step further to support our customers. We offer up to £500 towards your motor excess in the event of a Gap claim, alleviating the immediate financial burden and smoothing the path to recovery. This benefit is a testament to our customer-first approach, prioritising your convenience and financial well-being.

  • Unlimited Claims Limit up to £50,000

Life’s uncertainties require robust protection, and our GAP insurance delivers just that. This coverage ensures that you’re fully protected, giving you one less thing to worry about.

With an unlimited claims limit of up to £50,000, Ping Insure provides substantial financial support, safeguarding against the depreciation of your vehicle and the potential gap between your insurance payout and the outstanding finance on your car. 

  • Comprehensive Cover for All Named Drivers

Recognising that insurance needs are as varied as our clients, Ping Insure offers flexible policies that extend to all named drivers over the age of 21 years on your policy. 

This inclusivity ensures that everyone entitled to drive your vehicle is covered, providing comprehensive protection for you and your loved ones under one straightforward policy.

Obtaining a Quote: Easy and Effortless

At Ping Insure, we understand that time is precious, and navigating through complicated insurance processes is the last thing you want to deal with. That’s why we’ve streamlined our quote process, making it straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring you can secure your gap insurance with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

1. Browse Our Website: Simply select the type of claim you wish to make and locate our quick quote tool.

2. Enter Vehicle Details: Provide basic information about your vehicle like make, model, and year.

3. Select Coverage: Choose your desired level of coverage and policy term to suit your needs and budget.

4. Provide Personal Information: Fill in some personal details. Our platform is secure, ensuring your privacy is protected.

5. Get Your Quote: Click ‘Get Quote’ to receive an instant, personalised quote showing your premium and policy details without hidden fees.

6. Review and Purchase: Review your quote and, if you’re happy, purchase your policy directly through our website. Confirmation and policy documents will be emailed to you immediately.

At Ping Insure, we’re committed to providing a seamless and stress-free experience for obtaining gap insurance. Our easy and effortless online quote process is a testament to our dedication to customer satisfaction and convenience, with our customer support team ready to assist with any questions or guidance needed throughout the process.  

Secure Your Peace of Mind Today Ping Insure 

At Ping Insure, we believe that everyone deserves the reassurance of complete protection on the road. Our GAP insurance policies are designed to meet this need, offering unparalleled coverage, convenience, and customer service. 

With our online quote system, top rated insurer partnerships, generous contributions towards your motor excess, and comprehensive coverage options, we stand ready to safeguard your journey.

To obtain your personalised quote today and discover the peace of mind that comes with our premium GAP insurance coverage, simply enter your details using our short quotation form here and get started.

Or if you are looking to speak to one of our experienced customer service team feel free to email us at to get in touch.

Embark on your journey with confidence, knowing that Ping Insure has got your back.

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